Walking out to a soggy yard or flooded driveway can be quite aggravating to many people. After countless hours of education and hands on experience installing drainage solutions for the homeowners in Knoxville, we are sure we can find the right drainage solution for your water problem. Many people think of French Drains when they think yard drainage. We have installed 1000s of feet of perforated pipe, gravel, and fabric on properties across Knox County and surrounding counties. Whether you need a French drain, a sump pit, swale, or spot drains, we can design an efficient drainage system to direct the water where it needs to go.

WINTER 2023 UPDATE: With continued rain in the forecast, it is critical that Knoxville homeowners address their drainage issues as soon as possible to avoid major damage to their home's foundation. We are currently working overtime to help correct as many yard drainage issues as we can. Call today to speak with someone from our design team. (865) 235-1785

Drainage Solutions Gallery

Drainage Solution Services

French Drain

When we think french drain we think soggy or spongy soil. If you land is holding water by ponding or just feeling saturated for more than a day french drain maybe the right trick for you. The combination of gravel, perforated pipe, and fabric can be installed in order to receive hydrostatic pressure in your clay soil.

Tiered French Drain

Many times, a simple French drain with one trench and pipe can handle your drainage needs. In other situations, a multi-tiered French drain system is required. With drainage there are no guarantee on what can work and in serious drainage situations, a multi-tiered French drain is what is needed to cover the areas not draining properly. We will assess your property and provide expert direction on how to remedy your drainage issue.

Permaeable Pavers

In many parts of the country, run-off is a big element when designing a properties drainage path. Permeable pavers can be incorporated into your paver patio, driveway, parking lot, or courtyard in order to handle the water permeability for a ecological approach. In some cities and municipalities it is even mandated, so homeowners should consider this not only for future resale values, but also because it is an eco-conscience way to lessen adverse effects on surrounding waterways.