Avant Gardens and Hardscapes offers residential and commercial water feature design and installation. Drawing from the Smoky Mountains as our inspiration, we strive to bring a little bit of the mountains to your home or business. Whether you are looking for a simple pond, a bubbling fountain, stream and waterfall, or a large Koi pond, Avant can handle your water feature design and installation.

Through continuing education and training, our water feature crew is up-to-date on pond installation techniques that ensure you water feature lasts for years to come! With proper planning, design and care, a water feature can be the star of your landscape, adding a sense of calm and serenity you never knew possible!

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Water Feature Services

Pondless Water Feature

Pondless water features can be a focal point of any garden, hardscape, or pool area. A pondless water feature consists of a below-grade basin that recirculates to the feature and can be as large or small as desired. One thing is for certain—a pondless water feature requires less maintenance compared to a traditional pond.


A pond can come in many forms ranging from a simple pool of water to an upper and lower pond complete with cascading falls connected by streams of flowing water. Generally speaking, a pond feature is more expensive than a pondless system, but the look and sound is undeniably beautiful and natural.

Bubbling Boulders or Pottery

The addition of a bubbling boulder or piece of pottery to the garden can add the soothing ambiance of flowing water in a small space. Bubbling boulders consist of a pondless basin with a mountain boulder or multiple boulders drilled to allow water to flow through them and the water cascade over them. This same technique can be applied to pieces your favorite pottery—or even an artistic object such as a piano or statue.

Waterfalls with Stream

A stream with waterfall brings a bit of the Smoky Mountains to your home and can be as large or small as desired. Imagine a waterfall starting in your landscape around your patio and flowing around to a pond in your lower level fire pit area. Bridges can be worked into streams for crossings and visual interest. Avant Gardens and Hardscapes aims to deliver a water feature that looks natural in its surroundings.

Koi Ponds

If you are looking for a living, breathing water feature added to your outdoor living area or landscape, a Koi pond may be the answer. Flowing water, fish, and plants come together to create a balanced ecosystem in your yard. Once the Koi pond is constructed and the water is balanced, you can pick out your koi and start enjoying your new family members. Koi can live several decades when cared for properly. Bullfrogs are other neat additions to a pond, and often will show up on their own!