A well designed and efficient irrigation system can add great value to your lawn and landscape. We offer both new irrigation systems as well as renovated or retrofitted irrigation systems. The difference between plants receiving the proper amount of water throughout their lifetime can be the difference in plants THRIVING as opposed to just surviving.

Landscape beds can utilize spray heads spaced properly for even coverage, or for a more dialed in approach, drip irrigation can be installed that send water directly to the root zone. In turf areas, irrigation can be in the form of rotors, sprays, or even drip irrigation as well. In large turf areas, rotors are recommended in order to cover the largest area possible and maintain head to head coverage.

An Avant Gardens irrigation system will help ensure your landscape and grass is developing a proper root system and thriving for years to come

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Irrigation Services

Full Irrigation System

If you have a newly built residence or are looking to have your landscape updated Avant can install a full irrigation system to all of your landscape. The system will include a Smart controller programmed to deliver water at the necessary days and times of day in order to ensure we are not wasting water or harming plants.

Drip Irrigation

In times like today water conservation is a hot topic in the world of irrigation and in other industry. By delivering slow and direct water to the plants root zone the plants are allowed to take up the water they need and not waste water on the surrounding areas. This can help conserve water, reduce weeds, and keep water off the sidewalks or entry ways of your business or residence.

Rainwater Harvesting

In the world of conservation, rainwater harvesting systems have been used to irrigate areas as small as a vegetable garden to an entire 1-acre yard. Rainwater harvesting can be designed into your hardscape areas by utilizing permeable pavers or by simply directing gutters from your roof into a water catchment device (rain barrel or underground tank).