Why only enjoy the look of your house or space during the daylight hours? Outdoor lighting or landscape lighting is one of our favorite features to add in any project. Avant is qualified to design and install the perfect lighting scene on your project that will enhance the ambiance without overpowering the area with too much light (a mistake many lighting contractors make). Landscape lighting using LEDs can dramatically reduce the use of power without sacrificing any intended effect of the lighting and also keep you from having to change bulbs.

A properly designed/installed landscape lighting system will increase your use of the space and show you a side of your landscape or house you've never seen. LEDs have changed the outdoor lighting game, and with that the installation practices used. Avant uses only the best products with the best manufacturer guarantees. Not only are we using the best lighting fixtures offered and LED bulbs available, but we make sure each connection to the system is as strong and waterproof as possible using Ace connecters or solder on all installations.


At Avant we have taken the time to train our design staff and installation crews in the necessary lighting techniques and installation practices so that your lighting system will last. The products we use such as Cast lighting, FX Luminaire, and Vista are not even in the same ball park as your big box store offerings. We include a 1 year warranty on all lighting installation to make sure your system is off to a great start. The LED bulbs we use have 5 year warranties on the product to ensure your lights get all of the benefits of the technology.

Landscape Lighting Gallery

Landscape Lighting Services

Hardscape Lighting

From pathways and stairwells to natural stone or segmental retaining walls, landscape lighting can increase the safety and beauty of all. Wall washing and downlighting a natural stone or segmental wall to enhance its look at night is the most popular technique.

Landscape Lighting

After you have installed your new landscape planting or garden why not enjoy there whole other look of it at night? Uplighting trees, using area lights to show off low-growing perennials, or silhouetting a specimen plant are a few of the myriad of ways landscape lighting can bring a sense of life to your landscape at night.

Exterior Accent Lighting

If you have a beautiful house, landscape lighting can bring a look to it you never knew possible. Columns on your home are a great place to uplight, as are brick or stone textures. A well-lit home can offer a sense of safety and security when pulling up at night vs. pulling up to a pitch black property.

Water Feature Lighting

Another great area for landscape lighting are water features. Incorporating an uplight into your bubbling pottery can make it look like it is glowing at night. Adding a light to your waterfalls can make the water feature no only shine bright at night—quite literally!—but also adds moving light reflections that radiate all around.

Safety and Security

Landscape lighting can add the necessary light needed to safely traverse around a pool at night or a dark pathway leading to your front door. Nothing offers a better sense of security than pulling up to a beautifully lit home without the use of overpowering flood lights. A system can be designed to maintain flood lights on switches for security. You may also want to consider a timed system that comes on at twilight and then extinguishes after midnight.