It can be overwhelming when looking into having a water feature installed, there is a ton of information out there! Here are a few things to consider in the process.

What kind of water feature do I want?
There are tons of water features out there to choose from, but there are generally 3 types of water features that seem to interest most people. Those are the bubbling boulders or pots, a pond and stream, and the pondless waterfall/ stream.

A bubbling boulder or pot is a simple pondless water feature with the basin found underground beneath the pot or the boulder. A pump is placed in the basin and ran up through the pot or boulder and the water trickles down back into the basin. The cost is generally lower than the others, but size can dictate cost.

A pond with a stream or waterfall is a common water feature found in many backyards. This type of water feature is usually constructed by digging out a pond, creating shelving for plants, and then adding a liner, filtration, and waterfall (if adding). The pond is rocked with native boulders and gravel giving it the most important aspect, a natural look. They can have a simple waterfall edge falling into the pond or a much more detailed stream hosting several waterfalls emptying into the pond. Adding koi fish to these can create additional garden interest, however koi ponds require a waterfall and can be more of an expense. Not only is there the added expense of purchasing fish there is also balancing out the eco-system to keep the healthy fish. The waterfall helps keep oxygen levels in a pond high and the water from totally freezing over in winter. In some instances, a heater may even be needed for an exchange of gases. The possibilities are endless with a pond and waterfall! But again, keep in mind the size of the pond and stream determine the price.

The pondless water feature is a thing many people are interested in these days. If you have no desire to have fish, do not want the added maintenance of a pond, but still want a beautiful stream and waterfall a pondless waterfall/feature is perfect for you. Technically bubblers are considered pondless, but in my mind a true pondless water feature hosts a waterfall and stream. This can be any size you want and worked into a beautiful landscape to make a bold statement with a natural look. Yet again price will be determined by size, number of falls, basin, and usual construction variables such as access.